Review ~ All about ‘Ambre Resort & Spa’

"Ambre Resort & Spa" is an adults-only hotel of the Sun Resorts Group in Mauritius. This hotel is, you could say, giant! It has several rooms and suites ranging from courtyard to superior sea-view. I went there a month ago and I can assure you that I had such a great time there. However, during my stay there have been both ups and downs...


Let's start with the cons as it's always better to finish on a good note right?


Disadvantages :

  • The room needs some improvements. It was kind of small but I guess it's not that bad! However I saw a few broken tiles in the bathroom so it might be dangerous right? Well IDK. And there is not a good choice of tv channels so you might get bored if you can't sleep haha (did not happen to me though luckily).
  • During the afternoon be prepared to starve! There is no food available from 15h to 18h. I was hungry on that day so believe me it was hard!!! Still drank a cocktail to kill the time though 😉
  • After dinner there was a musical trio but sadly the chosen spot of the show was too windy. It was hard to enjoy the animation while struggling with the wind. Many persons went back to their room earlier because of this and I find it sad 'cause the singers and musicians were really good! I suggest they find a solution for this matter like maybe change the place where it usually happens...

Advantages :

  • The Staff. They are adorable and by far the most caring one I've ever seen! The receptionist called the room to check on us and to introduce herself when her night shift started. When walking around the hotel, during the meals or even by the pool, they come to ask if everything's alright and to get to know you better! I found this really surprising but definitely nice from them.
  • Food. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner there...Each meal was delicious! I wasn't disappointed at all.  I ate so much during my stay 'cause it was hard to choose from the buffet and also because the food was sooo yummy.
  • This hotel has one of the best pools ever. There were several corners, each one different from the other as some had sunbeds, others little benches, well you get the idea...Definitely a pool you could spend all day in!
  • Their 'all-inclusive' package is actually really nice as you get value-for-money products unlike in some other hotels I went to...

Bonus :

  • During each meal the staff always make sure to remove your plate as soon as you finish. (Fun fact : I was still chewing my last bite when one of the waiters took my plate away.)


On the overall, I spent an amazing time there and without any hesitation would definitely go back! I totally recommend this hotel to you my fellow readers (and followers) as it is such a wonderful place. I give it a rating of 9/10 so it's nearly perfect right? I can't wait to try the other Sun Resorts Hotels and see whether they can beat this score or not.

The 'Welcome' Cocktail

Until my next hotel adventure...





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